I have multiple instances of select2 elements in my form, but in one of them (which is on a hidden input) I want to just tokenize the input.

I dont want the dropdown to ever show because it always shows "no matches found" and it confuses users. So I need to disable just the dropdown and use select2 as only a tokenizer for that specific element. Is that possible?

(I know I can do this easily with out the plugin but I want to use the plugin as it decorates the tokens and removes icon and it will be uniform with other inputs that use it)

  • It's little confusing what you're trying to do. Could you post a screenshot or something that shows what you want? – manishie Oct 6 '13 at 20:08
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    I am trying to use select2 just to tokenize the input as the user types in. I just want the plugin to convert the entered text into tags (splitting commas and spaces),without opening the dropdown selection list. – Paralife Oct 6 '13 at 20:17
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Used the approach described by @Paralife.

Found there is a option dropdownCss which sets the dropdown style. So dropdownCss:{display:'none'} is enough to disable it as well.

I found a solution: In the constructor, I put the option dropdownCssClass: 'noshow' and then just css it: .noshow { display:none !important;}

This always hides the whole dropdown.

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