An Error is showing when I running the Android Project using Phonegap 3.0 in Command Line Interface (Phonegap local run android)

Cordova CLI: an error occurred during creation of ios sub-project,The system can not find the path specified.

I have also tried the following steps $ cordova create HelloWorld com.example.hello "Hello World"

Then try removing the whitespace between Hello World. $ cordova create HelloWorld com.example.hello "HelloWorld"

Then It was giving the same error.

D:\Applications\TestApp1>Phonegap local run android [phonegap] adding the Android platform...[error] An error occured during creation of android sub-project. The system cannot find the path specified.

Please suggest

  • Try running phonegap local build android -V for verbose output. – Anthony Elliott Oct 7 '13 at 18:23
  • Do you need to use phonegap create HelloWorld instead of cordova? – Anthony Elliott Oct 7 '13 at 18:25

[solved] if you are using windows. don't forget to install jdk. you can found it at link.

try to follow this instruction on youtube . and for the detail instruction you can follow the phonegap get started page.

next, install the sdk android first. goto developer*android*com/sdk/index.html to download the package. furthermore extract them, and open the "sdk manager" at your path. install more package of API's as you needs.

i recommend to install gingerbread(2.3) api 10 and ICS(4.0) version.

on this progress install ant package you may found a trouble same as me. but don't worry, I've found the answer.

just follow this instruction on youtube*com/watch?v=bAbBqrTG3q4 . by using my package on drive*google*com/file/d/0B4B3LaTbByxAWlVpQjJhSjd5dVU/edit?usp=sharing .

if you still have an error, you can call me on YM : rifqi_platinum25.

note: change [*] with [.] to access the page. i'm sorry for inconvenience because i haven't at least 10 reputation to post with over 2 links. thank's.


I think you're having a problem of creating a new project. You can try it by changing the location as cordova create ../HelloWorld com.example.hello "HelloWorld"

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