I have the remote server with a few virtualenv environments (django projects). How can I open, develop and debug these projects completely remote?

Shall I mount remote directory via sshfs to open a project? (I can't open project other way than as local path) I am working on debian and windows xp.

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I've found the decision and asked the support which confirmed its:

Here is the steps:

  1. copy a project to a local directory.
  2. configure: tools - deployment, to upload this local copy to remote server
  3. make deployment automatic: tools - deployment - "automatic upload"
  4. add remote interpreter: file - settings - python interpreters - "+" - "Remote.."

The remote interpreter is the virtualenv interpreter with all packages are installed.

Debug also works, we can debug completely remote project on server using local pycharm.


From the file manager, click on Connect To server, connect to ssh by giving login credentials which will open your remote project on your file manager itself.

Or you can go to the server using ssh via terminal and edit your project via command line text editor.


If you are working with IDE such as Aptana or PyCharm, you can load the project from the server itself by login credentials.

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