I hope my computer can do full backup of a project hosted on bitbucket.org, including all of repo, wiki, issue tracker. How to do it automatically?


bitbucket backup https://bitbucket.org/christianspecht/bitbucket-backup/downloads will backup your repos and wiki's but its windows only and doesn't grab issues

seems to work quite well. Been using it for a month


I don't know of a way to grab everything, automatically using nothing but bitbucket itself (there's no "Download Backup" link). You may want to take a look at this tool though. It looks like it can at least grab the repository and wiki, but not issues--although it could be made to backup issues using the bitbucket api.

You can see more about backing up issues here: How to backup issues list from Bitbucket?

In short, there doesn't appear to be a tool to help do everything that you want.


It is possible to clone both the source code repository and the wiki (without special tools). For instance:

Cloning the repository:

git clone [your repository uri]

Cloning the wiki:

git clone [your repository uri]/wiki

Note: Cloning the repository won't automatically clone your wiki! Also, this does not include your issues!

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    Be careful if you're using this to backup a repository. git clone only creates one local branch, master by default, which tracks the master branch on the remote repository. You would miss backing up all other branches. – Ben Ripley Sep 24 '19 at 17:08

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