I am working with java fxml application and i have one hyperlink, I want to change its color when mouse is over it and again revert back when mouse is exited from it. Can any body post some code to achieve it. I tried some css code but not working,

On mouse entered:-
    private void changeCloseColorToWhite() {
        hypLnkClose.setStyle("-fx-color: white;");

On mouse exited:-
    private void changeCloseColorToBrown() {
        hypLnkClose.setStyle("-fx-color: #606060;");

Thanks in advance.


Setting style in java code is heavy on the application. I would suggest defining this in the CSS file. try something like this below to fulfill what you need:

.hyperlink:hover {
    -fx-underline: true;
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You can also do like this
your_file.fxml(This is you .fxml file)
<Hyperlink text="you text to being hyperlink" styleClass="myLink">

your_style.css(This is your styleSheet file)

   -fx-text-fill: white;
   -fx-text-fill: #606060;

This will also work fine. So try it
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