This happens when I open an anonymous scratch file, and then do a :wa

even if I close the buffer.

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Your own answer is just curing the symptoms, not tackling the root cause.

It's better to properly indicate to Vim that your "scratch buffer" (which I guess is just by convention for you) is not meant to be persisted. That's what the 'buftype' option is for. Open a scratch buffer with this (or create a corresponding mapping or command):

:new +setl\ buftype=nofile

so you either need to save the buffer (and give it a name)

or since it's a scratch file, if you're done with it you need to force vim to delete it properly:

:b nn " where nn = the errant buffer
:bd! " kill the scratch file

use :h bd for more info

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    Nice tip, but why do you answer your own question immediately? No chance for others to find an answer :-) – mliebelt Oct 8 '13 at 7:40
  • mliebelt - you can give me a better answer if you want :-) @romainl - i googled this problem and couldn't find an answer, not even on SO (where 60%+ of my answers come from) - try yourself - if the SO curators provide an option for answer your own question is this just some kind of test? I happened to have an anwser, so I supplied it. I think Ingo's answer is better, and others can now agree, or not – ErichBSchulz Oct 8 '13 at 11:30

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