I am going through all web Application study material.But i am confused with following terms





Please help me to come out of this confusion.

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  • ApplicationContext is a core interface as the javadoc (the link you posted) says. This abstracts the spring container.
  • WebApplicationContext is another interface and extending ApplicationContext. This interface offers easy access to spring container from a web application which use spring.
  • XmlWebApplicationContext is an implementation of WebApplicationContext which reads the configuration from an XML file.

XmlWebApplicationContext is a concrete implementation of an application context, powered by XML configuration.

WebApplicationContext is a simple interface detailing the contract of a web application context. The former indirectly implements the latter.

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  • In spring,implementing ApplicationContextAware,its methods return ApplicationContext interface, not webApplicationInterface. – Oomph Fortuity Oct 9 '13 at 5:59

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