How can I click below link with Capybara's click_link method?

<a data-method="delete" href="/users/sign_out" rel="nofollow">
  <span title="Sign out" class="glyphicon glyphicon-off"></span>

You could locate the element using its href attribute:

page.click_link('', :href => '/users/sign_out')

Note that the first parameter of click_link is the links text, id or name. We use '' since the text is blank.

Alternatively, use the find method to find the link using the href attribute (or any other attribute) and then click it.

page.find(:css, 'a[href="/users/sign_out"]').click

Add id to link and use its id.


More info here


For the applications, which use JS it is useful the following call:

find(:css, 'a[href="/users/sign_out"]').trigger('click')

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