I have been using bluetooth module BC 417 of company "NOVA". I have kept all UART setting as suggested by datasheet. i.e. buad rate=9600, parity=none, stop bit=1

My connection is getting established with nokia 5130 bluetooth, but as soon as m going to send something from UART connection is disabled. Whenever i go to connect this module to android phone's bluetooth, connection does not take place.

For making connection i am using this command BC:CS=<address of bluetooth>

So i have following question:-

  1. Is there any another setting is required in hyper terminal?
  2. Is there any firmware is available for nova comm control interface module version 1.2?

Sorry, I only have enough reputation to answer and not just comment. You might want to try making sure that hardware flow control is switched on. It's a little difficult to know for sure as details of your set-up are so sketchy. Are you connecting this to an embedded micro and then trying to connect to a phone? What are you connecting hyper terminal to? Another phone or this Nova module?

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