I have a list of similar data frames in a list u (4 columns, all with same headers) and would like to run an lapply function to get the correlation of columns 2 and 3 of each data frame. I want the function to read any integer i (the list has 300+ csvs).

I've tried this code but it hasn't worked:

for (i) lapply(u, cor(u[[i]][,2],u[[i]][,3]))  

Can someone please help me fix this code? Still fairly new to the program.

Edit: I've tried Metrics code below and it works, unfortunately one of the csvs contain only headers and no data. I get this error: Error in cor(u[, 2], u[, 3]) : 'x' is empty

Is there anyway sapply can be modified so that the "cor" function returns 0 if there isn't any data available?

  • just for reference: i in the example above is not an iterator, just a vecotr (a "list") of numbers. You need something to iterate over them. eg: for (j in i) or just for (j in 1:2) or for (i in 1:2) – Ricardo Saporta Oct 8 '13 at 14:21

x contains the list of all dataframes. In the following example, I have used two dataframes from R. (mtcars and iris)

[1] 0.9020329

[1] -0.4284401

Or, if you want the vector output:

[1]  0.9020329 -0.4284401
  • 3
    If you give names to your list elements the result will be slightly more readable : x<-list(mtcars=mtcars,iris=iris) – juba Oct 8 '13 at 14:03

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