Just messing around with rails layouts. Going through the guide The :layout Option

Created a simple layout called two_column_landing and put it in the layouts directory under app/views.

Then modified my view to render the layout:

  <p>Find me in app/views/ca/tcl.html.erb</p>

  <%= render layout: "two_column_landing" %>

I'm getting this error:

You invoked render but did not give any of :partial, :template, :inline, :file or :text option.

I know this is probably not a great thing to be doing as a habit in production code but I'm just figuring out how to do what I want. Any ideas why this isn't working? Is it not a feature of rails 4?

  • did you put that file 'two_column_landing.html.erb' inside app/views/layouts/ folder?
    – jimagic
    Oct 9, 2013 at 16:23

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You might keep reading. There are many ways layout can be used. If you want to call a specific layout for a given action, you should do that in a your controller, not in your view. If you need to call in a view, to give a layout for a partial, then the syntax is different, you call the partial first and then the layout.

<%= render "comments", layout: "two_column_landing" %>

If you just want you 2 column view to render in a particular controller then at the top of the controller before any method definitions call, under the class name

layout "two_column_landing"

If you want to only call this layout for a specific action in the controller you can do it in the method render

   def index
     @people = Person.all
     render layout: "multi-column"

I used this and working well for rails 4

def index
    @people = Person.all
    render :layout => "my-layout-name"

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