So, doing something like this:

   paramsInterface->addParam("EpsilonUpper",&mKinectModule->mEpsilon,"min=0 max=1 step=.001");

Seems to set the value to whatever the cpp class assigns. Is there a parameter string way of doing it? Its just nice/quicker to see your initializers in the same spot, i.e. where the initializer string containing your min/max is.

The Doc http://libcinder.org/docs/v0.8.2/classcinder_1_1params_1_1_interface_gl.html


No, there's not.

P.S. under the hood, the Params interface in Cinder is an implementation of AntTweakBar. You can see the available parameters here, though there's not a 1:1 feature mapping between AntTweakBar and Cinder's Params class.

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