Is it possible to run java app (jar) in my android application? Because I need to create PDF, the problem is if I generate PDF in android, only can show with small image, if it contains large image in many pages, it will be error. So I think, I can generate PDF in java and then included to android app.


Concernig the mentiones app JBED: Well honestly, I could not find any credible source for this tools JBED, so I would really be very cautious (e.g. who is the developer?)

In the manifestfile (in Androidmanifest.xml, where every app has to state what rights it needs to run, see How to view AndroidManifest.xml from APK file?) there are many rights mentioned (what could be necessary, as the app wants to run as an emulator), so a java application might want to send an SMS, record audio, take pictures and place calls -- so the emulator would need those rights as well.

But then the app also registers the "android.intent.action.BOOT_COMPLETED" event (i.e. autostart after boot) and this would go against every description of the tool.

Ah yeah and giveaway: The apk has a folder "certs" that has some (root-)certificates. But those are not the real certificates of the authorities, e.g. Versign. If one installs the app and by that those certificates the trust you might have in https-connections is lost because those who made the fake certificates can create own, false certificates that your phone would trust.

I assume (or am pretty sure) this is a spy tool, but I could be wrong. The (rare) testimonials that claim the tool ran perfectly will probably be the same person that posted the tool under a different name.



You can import java Third-party libraries into Android app, follow the steps here.

I am not sure whether it will work,but just try.


You can use JBED. JBED is an .apk Android application which run java games and app on your android Device. JBED is a java android emulator, by using this application we can install .JAR/.JAD/Java/J2ME/MIDP app on android phones.

  • can be included with my android application ? how to combine into eclipse ? – Agoeng Liu Oct 10 '13 at 3:59
  • Your java application can include into JBED (which means your application will install inside JBED application). In eclipse development you need to develop it as separate java application and build jar and put the jar into your android device. Actually JBED act like a Virtual machine – Anish Antony Oct 10 '13 at 4:29

You can do it quite easily as there are many ways to run java apps on android. Specific application called Java Emulators can do it quite easily.

These are four most popular java emulators for android viz, JBED, PhoneME, Jblend and NetMite. These are arranged in order of their preference. You can use phoneme for non rooted device, however if your device is rooted try any of the remaining three applications.

  • Can you give a brief description of how to install at least one? The link isn't guaranteed to always work, which'll make your answer useless in the future – Chris Dec 26 '14 at 17:38
  • The link has broken, which makes this a pretty much useless answer. – Stephen C Feb 25 '18 at 10:55

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