I am not a huge fan of Javascript so prefer to do as much as possible with HTML/CSS, probably to my disadvantage.

So my question is could I for example display one number 1.00 and then do a calculation on it eg (times it by 85) and show the output in HTML5? (Without using forms?).

I have seen examples that use inputs, but I don't really need user input, I just want it to do a calculation on load.

If you see one of my pages below, you will see that there are a list of prices and I want to convert them all to a different currency (I don't need to get the currency rate (I can add that manually, just want it to do the basic calculation eg : 100 rupees = 0.95 pounds Calulation (100*0.95) Returns £0.95p

For example :

Cost Of living in India example

So I just want to input the current exchange rate in one place and it will calulate the £ rates for each entry in the list.

If this can't be done in HTML5, can someone suggest the bare minimum javascript to do the same?

  • Thanks Wilmoore and Vanga, for simplicity, I would go with Vanga's solution, are there any reasons why I shouldn't? How would the processing/loading times differ between the two methods? – Poiple Shadow Oct 10 '13 at 5:57
  • Well I have added the code, although I couldn't get the 2nd version to update so I have gone with the document write version. – Poiple Shadow Oct 10 '13 at 15:23
  • beingchildren.org/Cost-of-Living-in-Goa-India.htm Can someone suggest if this is good/bad implementation? – Poiple Shadow Oct 10 '13 at 15:24
  • May be I will consider using some Templating Engine like : handlebarsjs.com, akdubya.github.io/dustjs, mustache.github.io etc. It will take the pain of adding many static HTML elements. Instead we can show a template and feed data to it - It will create complete HTML Tags. Later we may feed data from the server instead of static data in the page. But it will need some JavaScript skills. – Sasidhar Vanga Oct 10 '13 at 18:29

Use following simple JavaScript.

Create a new <script> tag in the head section as follows with some variable name.

    var exchange_rate = .95;

Where ever you want to do calculations use as following

    Cost of Cooking : 
        document.write(exchange_rate * 100);

So, if you change the exchange_rate in the head section's <script> tag, it will show proper values wherever you used it.



    <span id="costofliving">1.00</span>


var cost = document.getElementById('costofliving');

function calculate() {
    cost.innerText = Number(cost.innerText) * 85;

// will be set in 2 seconds
setTimeout(calculate, 2000);

See it here: http://jsfiddle.net/SV7Hj/

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