I recently written an Application with an MBean, this was working fine a couple of days. Now when it is running, I can't see it using JConsole. Even though I add this to my run arguments: -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote I tried other programs like: JVisualVM and JRockit mission control, but none of them see the application. What is more, I used to be able to see the other programs as well, like Jconsole could see JVisualVM, but even this is not working sadly. Does anyone know what went wrong? Thanks


I finally got it working, it worked when I started jconsole using cmd. Later I found out the problem. For some reason I didn't have the right permissions on this folder: %TMP%\hsperfdata_username. Just deleting and recreating solved it for me, for anyone who has the same problem ;)

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