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In my app I'm trying to hide the Splash Screen as per my needs, say after 3 secs. Which I could do easily in Phonegap. But in IBM Worklight its preventing that. I have already posted a question on this, please refer this

When I dived more into the worklight library codes I have found a strange thing has been done,

in wlclient.js(file is read only and auto created on deploy.) following lines are written,

switch (getEnv()) {
        case WL.Env.ANDROID:
            // An injected interface from WLDroidGap.bindBrowser, used to dismiss the splash screen

If comment this line


my splash is running is like it should. But when app gets an update from server wlclient.js is recreated.

So is there other way out to hide my splash screen as per my wish not auto handled internally by IBM WL.

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The answer is the same as in your previous question. The current splash image implementation in Worklight does not provide the developer with the ability to choose when to hide the splash image.

We aim to change this, but obviously cannot commit to "when".

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