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I did the following comments

git add /file1/path
git rm /file/path
git commit -m "message"

how do I undo my last commit using git?

Like I don't want to have those files committed.

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    You've got the answer here, after a 2sec search... ;-) stackoverflow.com/a/927386/1266697 – Jeje Doudou Oct 10 '13 at 18:55
  • I'm unhappy with these questions and answers. They're often very vague. Does the user wish to simply undo the git commit (and leave the working tree unmodified?), or do they wish to also revert the working tree? – Aaron McDaid Aug 30 '14 at 22:47
  • Explained in < 5 minutes in this video, if you prefer that format: youtube.com/watch?v=eg2xt-JoPfI&t=2s – ssmith Dec 14 '16 at 16:17

Warning: Don't do this if you've already pushed

You want to do:

git reset HEAD~

If you don't want the changes and blow everything away:

git reset --hard HEAD~
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    Dont do this if you already pushed – Arnold Roa Dec 7 '16 at 14:49
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    Please edit your answer, you just cost me a lot of files. I thought you meant remove all of GIT while trying to set up a new repository... Wow. – 1984 Jul 3 '17 at 14:55
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    I do have a lack of understanding about git, but use it very often. I doubt I was the first, there should be a warning on the answer for idiots like me. I only wanted to reset git, not lose my directory (I had no prior commit to retrieve). – 1984 Jul 5 '17 at 23:45
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    Doesn't work fatal: ambiguous argument 'HEAD~': unknown revision or path not in the working tree. Use '--' to separate paths from revisions – Green Nov 5 '17 at 12:36
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    "Don't do this if you've already pushed" - Why not? If you don't explain the intent, comments like that are what lead to crazy dogmas. – Pharap Mar 27 '18 at 18:06

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