I'm currently working on a project which contains a number of components (polymer elements). All said and done, I'll probably be looking at around 10+ components for the application. At the moment, following Pub's Package Layout Conventions each .html and associated .dart file is in the web/ directory.

It would be nice to have them in lib/src/ of my application and only have the main files in web/ however at the moment <link ref="import" href="package:my_app/src/my_component.html"> will not work (See Issue 12867).

Are there currently any conventions in use to handle multiple (private) components for an app? Should I create a web/src/ directory to load imports/source files relative to the web/ directory? Would it even make sense to keep Polymer Element .html files in lib/src/ (assuming it was supported) as they're not pure dart files as traditionally recommended/expected in a pub package layout?

As far as I understand, package: works only for external components (dependencies declared in pubspec.yaml), and the default path is the packages folder (created by pub install). See the getting started section here: Dart Pub

I keep components in their own folders under the web directory so web/component1, web/component2 and so on and I use relative links to import across components. Not sure if this is the best practice but it works.

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