I wonder how can I get selected text. (usually done by mouse dragging or shift + arrow on text)

From notepad, word, Internet explorer addressbar, etc.

sending WM_GETTEXT just copy caption, and unable to copy selected text while I rename file name on file explorer.

So, I am considering simulating Ctrl+C. but simulating key strokes seems not a good idea. because it will make side effects.(in case Ctrl+C assigned to other functionality)

I tried following code, wishing copy currently selected text into clipboard


but no luck, it just emptyclipboard.

how can I copy currently selected text?

(simulating Ctrl+c with no unpredictable effect)

thanks! (my environments are Windows 7, C programming language, winapi)


I'm not sure if there is a general answer because the various applications you mentioned use different window classes.
For Notepad in particular: The display area seems to be a simple EDIT control. You can use the EM_GETSEL message to retrieve the begin and end of selected text, then use WM_GETTEXT to get the complete text. Do not use GetWindowText because it does not work with windows of another process. In general, you can try using the WM_COPY message. This should place the text in the clipboard. However, the result depends on how that message handler is implemented in the other application.

  • One more note: The messages must be sent to the control containing the text; this is usually a child window of the application window. – cdoubleplusgood Oct 11 '13 at 7:54

You are setting the clipboard using SetClipboardData(CF_TEXT, 0) -- MSDN Doc says that if the second parameter is NULL, the window must process the WM_RENDERFORMAT and WM_RENDERALLFORMATS messages; the same article has a comment on how to allocate Global memory, fill it with the required text and pass it on to SetClipboardData().

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