I have a "jsp" file. In that file I have "Javascript" scripting. Within <script> tags,only javascript is allowed but, how is "Expression Language" executed?

    <script type="text/javascript">
        var b=${requestScope.name};

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bring that variable from request scope to page scope,

<c:set var="myVar" value="${request.myVar}" />

after this you can try this :

    var myVar= '${myVar}' ;

Though I am not sure if it's the best approach; but this should do.



As "Expression Language" is executed on the server side the statement


executed at server side and its value is available to JavaScript at client side. now at the client side the line becomes

var b='corresponding expression language executed value';

JSP is server side. You cannot access the script variables. These variables are only executed client-side.

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