I have a program written in vb.net. After I build, I want to launch an interactive batch file that executes a psexec command remotely. How can I do that? this is my post build event:

call "$(ProjectDir)ExecOnGw.bat"

And this is my batch that if it runs in a normal command prompt, execution is ok.

c:\Sysinternal\psexec.exe \\gateway "C:\Remotepath\mybatch.bat" -u mydomain\myuser -p ******

This batch calls another batch on a remote machine that does something, then if I want to exit, I have to press a "q" and "Enter". In a normal command prompt, it works fine. But in a Visual Studio post build event it goes down. Help me!

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I've done this before using the start command. I created a simple pause.bat file to demonstrate:

    @echo off
    pause Press Any Key

If I put this in the post build event, I see a console that just closes.

call pause.bat

If I use this instead, I get a second console window that takes my input before closing.

start "My Process" /D c:\batch /WAIT pause.bat
  • The start /WAIT one is exactly what I'm looking for, surprised this answer was buried. – Brock Hensley Nov 26 '13 at 20:06

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