After following the guide here to download and install the Windows Azure Publishing Settings I followed the guide here to publish my socket.io node.js application to Azure.

When I use the publish command:

Publish-AzureServiceProject –ServiceName NodeHelloWorld –Location "East US" -Launch

I get the following error:

Publish-AzureServiceProject : You MUST specify a certificate. Call
Set-AzureSubscription and Select-AzureSubscription first. At line:1
+ Publish-AzureServiceProject
+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo : CloseError: (:) [Publish-AzureServiceProject], ArgumentException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Management.CloudService.PublishAzureServiceProjectCommand

Searching online I couldn't find a solution or other people with a similar problem. Would appreciate your help. Thanks!

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    I'm not sure what impact this would have, but the end quote mark after "East US" is actually a "curly quote", not a "straight quote". I'd try changing that to a straight quote first (since PowerShell probably doesn't like the curly quote); if that doesn't fix the problem, please update your question. – fission Oct 12 '13 at 6:32
  • Thanks for your comment. It was not the issue - fixed the question. – Guy Oct 12 '13 at 10:11

Seems like the solution was in front of me all along.. I didn't need to use Set-AzureSubscription but I did need to use Select-AzureSubscription. What really surprised me is that the name of the subscription was very long and automatically set when I got my account.

In short: After the process above run the following command: Select-AzureSubscription

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