I have an Android project with .iml files that I have generated myself. I am specifying my own keystore:

 <option name="CUSTOM_DEBUG_KEYSTORE_PATH" value="file://$MODULE_DIR$/debug.keystore" />

and the debug.keystore is a shared keystore file that comes from version control: it was not generated on my machine.

When I try to build the APK using IntelliJ 12.1.4 on Ubuntu 12.04, I get the following error:

Error: Android Packager: [app] Cannot create new key or keystore

Any idea what is causing this error or where I can look to debug it?


In Ubuntu, i did solved this problem by owning the folder : home/user_name/.android :

sudo chown -R user_name:user_group /home/user_name/.android 

Check to make sure the keystore file is owned by you. I had this issue a while ago and I found out that my keystore directory/file was owned by root.


For Intellij to use your custom keystore, your keystore must be configured with the standard debug key store alias/keys:

Keystore name: "debug.keystore"
Keystore password: "android"
Key alias: "androiddebugkey"
Key password: "android"

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