I am new to backbone / Marionette. I am working on complex application building on Marionette and Handlebars templates.

We are using RequireJs for AMD loader.

Code structure

We have structured our code into modules and each module will have its templates, views and controllers.

  1. Assets
    • js
      • libs
      • modules
        • login
          • templates
          • views
          • LoginController.js
        • registration
          • templates
          • views
          • RegistrationController.js

I am looking for grunt with requirejs build samples for this code structure. I was not able to find any link which meets our code structure.


This is an example project from Derick Bailey, creator of Backbone.Marionette: https://github.com/derickbailey/bbclonemail/tree/master/public/javascripts/bbclonemail

It has a code structure very similar to yours, he's not using requirejs though, since he's relying on the modules system.

Hope this helps.

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