There are a lot of tutorials, And a lot of suggestions to achieve this by extending JavaFX cells to make them editable. A good one is this stackoverflow question.
But the official tutorials uses a method call to create the callback without writing all that code, By calling


However when I do this in my code (FormTokens is my "model"):

// At beginning of class declaration
@FXML private TableColumn<FormTokens, String> valuColumn;

// Later at initialization

Compiler says:

The method setCellFactory( Callback<TableColumn<FormTokens,String>,TableCell<FormTokens,String>>)
in the type TableColumn<FormTokens,String>
is not applicable for the arguments

If I remove the method call mentioned above everything works well except that TableView cells are not editable. What am I doing wrong?

edit: I just found this: Javafx TableView can not be edited But there are no solutions. How do I cast Callback<TableColumn<Object,... to Callback<TableColumn<FormTokens,...?

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Specify the exact type explicitly for generic parameter as

  • It didn't require for me. I guess some error has been fixed in new JavaFX library.
    – user218046
    Sep 9, 2022 at 15:54

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