I'm trying to print a string in my view that has curly braces like these:{{ }}, and it doesn't come through. Is there a way I can escape/skip the curly braces parsing in Rails? The string I'm trying to print is like this:

@my_string = 'Hello {{name}}'

In my view, I'm printing the string like this:

<%= f.text_area raw(@my_string) %>  # Prints - "Hello"

I tried it without raw. It doesn't work either. I tried replacing the characters { and } with &#123; and &#125;, and I also tried replacing them with \{ and \}. The string came through like this:

"Hello \{\{name\}\}"

I want the string to be:

Hello {{name}}

Any ideas?

EDIT: This is an edit after the answer from Stefan. I didn't have to escape the characters in Rails. This issue was caused because of Angular JS. I'm using Angular JS and I had to provide ng-non-bindable class for it to not replace the {{ }}

  • <%= raw(@my_string) %> ? – hwnd Oct 13 '13 at 6:17
  • @muistooshort - Yes, that was a typo. Sorry about that! – Aswin Ramakrishnan Oct 15 '13 at 18:34

The braces are replaced in the browser by a JavaScript framework like AngularJS. You have to tell the framework to not replace them.

In AngularJS you would use the ng-non-bindable directive:

<%= f.text_area @my_string, class: "ng-non-bindable" %>

Try for sumthing like this

<%= f.text_area "#{@my_string}" %> 

see if it works


this will bypass the angular

  {{  "{{ text }\}"   }}    # Prints - "{{ text }}"

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