I have made a small multiplication function

 $a= "<?php echo $this->prodDet->v_price?>";
 echo $c;

Here the price value is extracted from database of the requiste product and is multiple by fixed .26 variable. Wondering why am getting this errror -

Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in

I am learning the basics of PHP. can someone suggest how to get it solved please?


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    When you're writing PHP, bear in mind that you can never nest <?php ?> blocks. When you get to $a="<?php, you're already inside a <?php block from the first line (we've not seen a closing ?>), so that's where things stop making sense. You're trying to set $a to the string <?php echo $this->prodDet->v_price?>, which is valid, but not what you want to do. As a side-effect it's trying to evaluate $this as a string because you're using double-quotes. – Matt Gibson Oct 13 '13 at 7:29
  • yep thanks Matt – Ruchika Oct 13 '13 at 15:56

You don't know what you're trying here?

$a = "<?php echo $this->prodDet->v_price?>";

$a looks after the assignment like <?php echo <the value of $this->prodDet->v_price>?>. The <?php part there is not executed. You surely want to write:

$a = $this->prodDet->v_price;

And make sure that $a is not an object at the end! (what you can check via var_dump($a); in the line after the assignment)


v_price has been set as a class instance somewhere before these lines of code. My guess is that happens somewhere in prodDet.

So, when you echo it, PHP tries to convert to a string and fails.

To see what kind of class it is, try:


That will help you debug.

An example is in PHP: Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string, where the person accidentally sets a variable to be a class in this line:

$procID = $client->start(array("prefix"=>"Genesis"));

then they try to echo $procID and get the same error. You can't echo a class because it can't be changed to a string.

Also, when you do

$a = echo ...

$a will not be what you expect, since echo just prints out to the screen! It doesn't return the value. You'll want to remove the echo and just set it directly:

$a = $this->prodDet->v_price->getSomeValue();

I also get same error message which is

enter image description here

after one hour checking everything i find that i have done some small mistake which is i have use variable sign ($) twice when fetching data. which is

enter image description here

After remove one dollar sign it's working fine,it may be help someone:)


With primitive variable and strings, $name = "Charlie";

Objects store many, related things together. Strings, numbers, booleans, etc are stored as properties of the object. Properties are accessed with the object operator ("arrow operator") like $person->name = "Charlie";

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