The other day I was struggling with an if statement. Turns our my variable had a white space at the beginning. So I tried to conquer this with the following code but I am having no luck.

if [ "$COMMAND_WAIT" == "*REBOOT" ]; then
sudo /etc/kca/scripts/reboot.sh

Should I be able to wildcard this statement or is there another way around this?

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The following should work. It uses [[ instead of [, and no quotes around the pattern.

if [[ "$COMMAND_WAIT" == *REBOOT ]]; then
    sudo /etc/kca/scripts/reboot.sh
    echo "REBOOTING"

[[ expression ]] is a compound expression, with special rules regarding expansions and quoting. In contrast, [ is a builtin command, i.e. *REBOOT will be expanded as a pathname. In most cases, it's easier to use [[ instead of [.

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  • Thats Superb, Works perfectly whats the difference in using [[ ~ ]] – Matt Leyland Oct 13 '13 at 8:59

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