How do I open a web page automatically in full screen mode?

I am looking for a solution to open an web page automatically in full screen mode, without expecting user to users press F11 or any other browser-specifc key.

I've searched a lot, but I just could not find a solution.

Is there a script or library or browser specific API available to help me achieve this?


For Chrome via Chrome Fullscreen API

Note that for (Chrome) security reasons it cannot be called or executed automatically, there must be an interaction from the user first. (Such as button click, keydown/keypress etc.)

addEventListener("click", function() {
          el = document.documentElement
        , rfs =
            || el.webkitRequestFullScreen
            || el.mozRequestFullScreen

Javascript Fullscreen API as demo'd by David Walsh that seems to be a cross browser solution

// Find the right method, call on correct element
function launchFullScreen(element) {
  if(element.requestFullScreen) {
  } else if(element.mozRequestFullScreen) {
  } else if(element.webkitRequestFullScreen) {

// Launch fullscreen for browsers that support it!
launchFullScreen(document.documentElement); // the whole page
launchFullScreen(document.getElementById("videoElement")); // any individual element

Only works in IE:

window.open ("mapage.html","","fullscreen=yes");  

It's better to try to simulate a webbrowser by yourself.You don't have to stick with Chrome or IE or else thing.

If you're using Python,you can try package pyQt4 which helps you to simulate a webbrowser. By doing this,there will not be any security reasons and you can set the webbrowser to show in full screen mode automatically.

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