I can't set the location of the legend properly, I have tried to play around with xjust and ncol but it still appears in the middle of the graphic.

Can you help it align it to the border (left or right I do not care)?

Moreover is it possible to draw shorter lines in the legend? These appear too long.

 plot(1:109,rnorm(109), type="l",col="blue", lwd=2, 
      main="Compare signal and std deviation MC3 ch44",
      ylab="signal", xlab="locations")
 plot(1:109, rnorm(109), ylab="",xlab="", type="l", 
      col="red",xaxt="n",yaxt="n", lwd=2)
 mtext("std. deviation",side=4,line=3)
 legend("topright",col=c("blue", "red"), lwd=2,
        legend=c("signal","std dev"), cex=0.85, bty="n", xjust=1)
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    It appears in the upper right corner when I run your code. Perhaps start a clean R session and try again. – Thomas Oct 14 '13 at 8:12
  • Zooming in R-Studio shows it a lot more centered than after the exporting in .pdf, probably due to the scaling factor of the plot (?) But is it possible to plot a shorter line in the legend? Can't find the option anywhere.. – Irene Oct 14 '13 at 8:24
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    Try the seg.len argument in legend. – Henrik Oct 14 '13 at 8:26

As pointed out in the comments restarting an R session and using

legend("topright",col=c("blue", "red"), lwd=2,
 legend=c("signal","std dev"), cex=0.85, bty="n", xjust=1, seg.len=0.5)

solved my problems.

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    It is often true that legends and text will show up in the "wrong" place if you change the plot window size after plotting. Best to set the window size first if you want a specific aspect ratio. E.g. dev.new(width=3,height=9) – Carl Witthoft Oct 14 '13 at 11:15

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