I downloaded fiddler4 built on .NET4. When I run this application it shows me entire traffic that takes place in my browsers/apps. I tired the following 2 ways:

  1. http://ipv4.fiddler:2133/
    http://localhost.:2133/Default.aspx [Added .]
    This opens my site, but site fiddler shows other traffic.

  2. I tried to use filter tab in it. But the configuration it little complex for me.

enter image description here

Please share your suggestion about a better approach in configuring fiddler to listen only a particular site, sorry for this newbie type question, I also checked the answers of @ericlaw but couldn't get it.

If possible please direct me to some reference with screenshots will be great.

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In the Filters tab, in the box under Show only the following hosts, replace what you've typed with just localhost, without the http:// prefix.

  • +1 Thought there is going to a big configuration changes. Too simple I love this, thanks for fiddler.
    – Praveen
    Commented Oct 18, 2013 at 18:40

You need to remove the prefix as Eric suggested, but I think that you should keep the port (it still works without port). So the configuration is something like this: example-configuration

And then, you click on Actions -> Run Filterset now to start filtering. One thing to note is that to capture requests from Chrome/Firefox, you need to uncheck Show only Internet Explorer traffic. On the left panel is some requests from http://localhost:8081

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