I have a general doubt in sql. What is actually "Top 1 1" will do ? What is the meaning of the below query ?

select top 1 1 from Worker W where not exists (select 1 from Manager M where M.Id = W.Id)

what is the diff between select "TOP 1 1" and "SELECT 1" in sql server query ?


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SELECT TOP 1 Means Selecting the very 1st record in the result set

SELECT 1 Means return 1 as the result set

SELECT TOP 1 1 FROM [SomeTable] WHERE <SomeCondition> Means if the condition is true and any rows are returned from the select, only return top 1 row and only return integer 1 for the row (no data just the integer 1 is returned).

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    SELECT TOP 1 is selecting very 1st row in the result set of your query and Other 1 will return 1 for any record where there is no corresponding record in the managers table
    – M.Ali
    Oct 14, 2013 at 12:01
  • So basically it's the old workaround for IIF EXISTS?
    – Creative
    Feb 10, 2021 at 8:36
  • @Creative no not really, it is actually used with exists operator. Cant think of any other use of SELECT 1 FROM Table
    – M.Ali
    Feb 10, 2021 at 10:30

In the following, the first "1", which is part of the "TOP 1" means to stop after it gets to a single result. The second "1" is just because the author really does not care what the result is.


is essentially the same as


The only question is whether it would be more efficient in the "EXISTS" part of the query than just

SELECT 1 FROM Manager...

The request finds if there is at least one worker (top 1) with no manager. The SELECT 1 clause acts as a "return true".

If there is a manager, the request select 1 from Manager M where M.Id = W.Id returns 1. If there is no manager, the request returns NULL.


SELECT TOP 1 1 will select exactly 0 or 1 1s. SELECT 1 will select 1 exactly N rows, where N is the number of rows that match your criteria.

In your case, it is looking for the first (TOP 1) worker that does not have a manager. However, since it's SELECT TOP 1 1, all it's doing is looking for the existence of a worker that does not have a manager.


its working like true false... e.g select top 1 1 from Items where ItemId=4526000 it will return 1 because where condition is matching. if its not matching then , nothing will return. => suppose select top 10 1 from Items where ItemId=4526000 it will return 1 for 5 times if ItemId repeated 5 times.

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