Super long story short: is it possible to read from a uart at something close to 12 megabaud?

I have a high speed connection that I am trying to read from on a raspberry pi. At present, the pi (and as far as I can tell, the world of serial programming) has a max baud rate of 4 Mbaud, which I achieved by setting the pi's uart clock to 160MHz. However, I need a uart running at 12+ Mbaud to capture the data streaming in from my external source. The pi's terminos.h file specifies 4Mbaud as the max baud rate for serial communication. Is there a way to get higher baud rates? Is the key ioctl from https://stackoverflow.com/a/7152671?

Raspbian 3.6.11, rpi rev2


Each UART have your hardware limit... If your hardware supports this rate, it's allowed... Verify it before.


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