I want to remove an in app purchase from my itunesconnect, but the delete button is grayed out. Anyone know if it's possible to delete the IAP option from an already-released app? Thanks

  • Did you find / work anything out for this? What did you do in the end? – Squig Jul 17 '14 at 9:40
  • I think my question was as much about whether the app would be "stable" without an in app purchase associated with it, since it was still marked as using them. I deleted the IAP and no problems ensued. – Nostradamus Jul 21 '14 at 0:12

Possible duplicate of Removing in app purchases from a new version of the application(iOS).

I've pasted the accepted answer for that question below for convenience. Sorry if that's not good SO practice - please let me know.

From the iTunes Connect Developer Guide, you need to first set the "Cleared for sale" to NO, then delete the product.

Deleting In-App Purchases You can delete in-app purchases after they are created, but not if they are in review. Before you delete an approved in-app purchase, you should first remove it from sale.

Important: After you delete an in-app purchase, it is no longer searchable on iTunes Connect and it cannot be restored. The product ID for the in-app purchase can no longer be used for another in-app purchase after the in-app purchase is deleted.

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