How do I get a class object of a certain class in GObject / Gtk? For example, if my class is GtkSpinButton, I want to get the instance of GtkSpinButtonClass that represents the class. It is the parameter "class" in

gtk_spin_button_class_init (GtkSpinButtonClass *class)

and it is the object where virtual functions are stored. When I have an instance of GtkSpinButton, I can call

GtkSpinButtonClass *class = GTK_SPIN_BUTTON_GET_CLASS (instance)

however I don't have an instance around. GTK_TYPE_SPIN_BUTTON gives me the type id, a number, and not the class object. Any idea how to get the actual instance?


You want to use g_type_class_ref

GtkSpinButtonClass *klass = g_type_class_ref(GTK_TYPE_SPIN_BUTTON);

and when you're done with it

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    Note that (A) g_type_class_ref() creates the class if needed, i.e. if no one else already did, and (B) there is g_type_class_peek() that avoids the need to create/ref/unref if you are sure the class already exists (or are happy to check for NULL) and do not need to hold a reference. See the full details at the relevant area of the docs. – underscore_d Apr 24 '18 at 20:28

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