I'm creating a new blog using Jekyll.

On the main page, there will be a list of my 10 most recent posts.

The entries on this list will include a title, the post date, and an excerpt, most likely the first paragraph.

I'm only familiar with using Jekyll for basic templates, so I can either put only a variable in the page, or include the entire post.

Is there a way to somehow avoid using post.content in the paginator, and only include up to a certain point in the post, which I define (e.g. ``{% endexcerpt %}`?


Sure, you can use {{ post.excerpt }} in place of {{ post.content }}.

You can also manually override the automatically generated excerpts if you don't like them.

Full documentation on how to do this here: http://jekyllrb.com/docs/posts/#post-excerpts

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    Remember to use <!--more--> in the actual post to tell Jekyll where it should 'cut' the post for the excerpt content or set excerpt_separator globally in your _config.yml. – Chetabahana Jun 8 '16 at 4:23
  • You are the best! This totally worked for me. – Maximus Nov 3 '17 at 16:10

Something like {{ post.content | strip_html | truncatewords: 50 }} produces a more consistent excerpt. It gets the first 50 words and strips any formatting.

  • Agreed. This is much better. I used to use excerpt and it would give all kinds of quirks about where it breaks (seemingly only on the first paragraph). – adrianmc Jun 13 '15 at 21:54
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    How would you deal with links though? For example, if you have content like this "This is a post. And a [link](www.link.com)", then the snippet you posted would display the entire raw text rather than being intelligent about it and showing link simply as text. – Karolis Ramanauskas Mar 24 '17 at 9:46
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    Got the answer, use {{ post.content | markdownify | strip_html | truncatewords: 50 }} – Karolis Ramanauskas Mar 24 '17 at 10:01
  • How to get post.content but without post.title? I don't want title in post excerpt. – ferit Jul 15 '17 at 11:50
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    Hi, I found that this sentence could only be used in English, When I want to write a Chinese article, how can I use this function? Thanks! – taylor Aug 27 '17 at 9:20

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