I've followed all the instructions on https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/custom-domains to get my custom domain set up, and it still isn't working.

On Heroku, I have the following domains:




And on Namecheap, I have the following settings:


@ http://myapp.com URL Redirect

www myapp.herokuapp.com. CNAME(Alias)

When I run: "host www.myapp.com" in my terminal, I expect to get "www.myapp.com is an alias for myapp.herokuapp.com". Instead, I get:

"www.myapp.com is an alias for myapp.heroku.com"

I can't figure out why it is pointing to myapp.heroku.com, because I have only specified myapp.herokuapps.com.

Does anybody know why this is happening?


Update note: Heroku and Namecheap change they interfaces every so often. This answer may have outdated screenshots, but it will be updated over time. See these updates below.

I've just done this myself so I thought I'd chime in as the answer doesn't illustrate how to get both www.domain.com and domain.com working. Heroku also changed its admin interface abit.


  • First, login to Namecheap.
  • Go to Domain List and click "Manage" for the domain you're configuring.

Namecheap - Set both record types to CNAME (Alias) and enter your <name>.herokuapp.com in both url-boxes (@ and www).

(PS: If they're not there, click the "Add new record" and add them there.)

enter image description here

Next, head over to Heroku

  • Login and choose your project from the list. For this example, we're choosing the "Lakka" project.

enter image description here

  • On the project page, click Settings

enter image description here

  • Scroll down and find the Add domain section

enter image description here

  • Enter your domain.com and click Save.
  • Click the button again, and input your www.domain.com and click Save.

enter image description here

That's it, You're done! Now when you enter domain.com or www.domain.com in your browser, both will show your Heroku project.

In this example, http://lakka.herokuapp.com would be accessible (after DNSes update) also on http://lakkatracker.com and http://www.lakkatracker.com.

(If you want to redirect traffic from www.domain.com to domain.com, which is a good practise, you can use the record type "URL (Redirect)" for the www host name)

It can take some time before your DNSs recognize the changes. You can try using a proxy for testing, like Anonymouse, if your changes aren't reflected immediately.


1) Go To Namecheap, and go to the domain you want to manage.

2) On the left sidebar, click "All Record Hosts", NOT any of the other jazz other tutorials tell you. No DNS pointing changes are necessary. It's easier to use alias.

namecheap sidebar all host records

3) Once you do, you'll see a line starting with "www" as a CNAME (Alias) option. Fill this in as your heroku app's domain name example.herokuapp.com

namecheap CNAME alias location

That's it for namecheap.

4) Then at heroku settings, under "domains", enter your purchased domain name you wish to be displayed.

heroku settings domains

That's it! It's as easy as letting heroku and namecheap know about both domain aliases.

Credits to this blog: http://blog.romansanchez.me/2013/06/08/point-namecheap-domain-to-heroku/


Apparently, heroku will only allow sites with www. prepended. To have a true root domain without www. will take some extra ninja hacking.

  • 2
    Also, don't forget to add in the @ the following: @ www.mydomain.com, redirect so www.mydomain.com will redirected to mydomain.com Oct 14 '14 at 0:35
  • It's good that you point that out. For namecheap, they handle that for you, as the @ character gets prepended to whatever you type in, as seen in step 3's image. For other hosts that don't do this for you, you need to add it in. it's good to understand what the most fundamental requirements are at the protocol level so you can adapt that knowledge anywhere. @ is what the protocol or program requires, and namecheap is simply doing some preprocessing for you for user-friendliness.
    – ahnbizcad
    Oct 14 '14 at 0:38
  • BTW, I tried to CNAME my domain.com with myapp.herokuapp.com but everyone said it is not allowed per heroku.com, So do you have any idea? Oct 14 '14 at 14:34
  • that's how I have it. my CNAME is the herokuapp domain name, and it's working fine. you tested it and it doesnt' work? you have all the other settings? Your heroku settings should have your actual purchased domain name as an alias, of course.
    – ahnbizcad
    Oct 15 '14 at 2:00
  • 1
    I talked to them and they told me that heroku doesn't allow/support this. :( Oct 15 '14 at 10:22

Namecheap updated its interface. New screenshots to supplement other good answers:

step 1

step 2

step 3


If you want all the traffic to point to http://example.com then do this:

enter image description here

and set both example.com and www.example.com in Heroku settings.

Then test everything by using http://anonymouse.org


Set up a namecheap config that looks like this:

enter image description here

And a heroku config that looks like this:

enter image description here And you're good to go!


Depending on your application, it may be a result of not using an SSL certificate. If you are trying to use an SNI SSL on the free dyno it is not going to work. In my case, I upgraded to hobby dyno and it immediately worked via the ACM.


Here are 2 possibilities,

  1. You had previously pointed the DNS records to myapp.heroku.com and the changes haven't propagated yet
  2. This could be an artifact of the change Heroku made move apps from the heroku.com domain to the herokuapp.com domain, but I'm unsure of how this could happen or why it would happen for you; records for my apps all point directly to herokuapp.com, but I'm not using NameCheap.

You could try registering a different (free) domain with an entity like .tk to see if this is specific to NameCheap.


I couldn't get both www.myapp.com and myapp.com to work, so one of the workarounds I found was to set the CNAME and @ to www., and then on the Domain tab, set "Redirect Doman" from myapp.com to www.myapp.com. Hope that helps!


I linked a namecheap domain to my heroku app today and it is now a bit different, so here is what i did.

  1. Add the domain (purchased on namecheap) to your heroku app like www.yourdomain.com. The 'www' is important. Copy the generated xxx.herokudns.com link.
  2. Now go to your domain settings on namecheap. Click on Advanced DNS.
  3. Add the following two records:
    • Type: CNAME Record, Host: www, Value: the copied url from step 1.
    • Type: URL Redirect Record, Host: @, Value: http://www.yourdomain.com
  4. Save and maybe you have to wait for up to 30 minutes.

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