I couldn't find a clear cut answer to this via google or the south docs, so i'm posting it here.

I've been using south for a while to manage my django models, however, until now i've always done one migration, pushed to the production server and migrated on there as well. I was wondering, is it possible to do multiple migrations on the production server at the same time?

For example, if i create multiple migrations on my dev server (that were migrated only on the dev server), if i push the migrations via git and run migrate AppName, will it run all the migrations its missing? or just the most recent one?


South keeps track of the migrations that were done in a history table.

In your production environment database, it will reflect the migrations you have done in there and once you push one or more new migrations and run migrate, it will check your migrations against the history table and do the necessary.


South will run all the remaining migrations.

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