I using the Amazon SDK for PHP and trying to set Cache-control Header on the image. When I try to add it via MetaData = array("Cache-Control") it changes it to be x-amz-meta-cache-control when I login to the S3 bucket, and when I download the file, there is no Cache-control set. But if I manually change this setting, the Cache-control works perfectly. Is there some parameter I missing that I can use to set HTTP Request Headers programmatically on upload? I'm using the PutObject method. I believe the AWS SDK is from 2013.

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The cache control isn't set via the "MetaData" index, "CacheControl" is at the same level as "MetaData", not contained within it.


You'd use something like this as your configuration array for the putObject() method...

  'Bucket' => '...',
  'key' => '...',
  'body' => '...',
  'CacheControl' => 'max-age=172800',
  'MetaData' => array(
    'metaKey' => 'metaValue',
    'metaKey' => 'metaValue'

For the upload() method...

  array('params' => array(
    'CacheControl' => 'max-age=172800',
    'Metadata' => array(
      'metaKey' => 'metaValue',
      'metaKey' => 'metaValue'

Also, it's worth pointing out that upload() will wrap putObject() for files of 5MB in size, otherwise it will initiate a multipart upload request.


If you want to add the CacheControl header to an item already in your bucket, use the SDK's copyObject method. Set the MetadataDirective param to REPLACE to make the item overwrite itself.

I noticed one weird thing: I had to set the ContentType header too, even though it was already set. Otherwise the image would not display inline in the browser but be offered as a download.

$result = $s3->copyObject(array(
    'ACL' => 'public-read',
    'Bucket' => $bucket, // target bucket
    'CacheControl' => 'public, max-age=86400',
    'ContentType' => 'image/jpeg', // !!
    'CopySource' => urlencode($bucket . '/' . $key),
    'Key' => $key, // target file name
    'MetadataDirective' => 'REPLACE'
  • Can you help me update the metadata of the existing object in laravel PHP.I have tried your solution but unable to update the metadata of the existing file.Thanks May 20, 2021 at 12:46
  • For my case, it works without urldecode as 'CopySource' => "$bucket/$key"
    – mervasdayi
    Apr 6, 2022 at 13:47

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