This is a follow up to this question. I'm trying to create a double-spaced UITextView for entering text.

In my custom UITextView, I've overwritten and -caretRectForPosition: to limit the height of the cursor. But now when I select text, the height of the selection rectangle was still too high: red selection rectangle is too tall

I tried to overcome this by overriding UIView's -selectionRectsForRange. Unfortunately, the objects in that return array are UITextSelectionRects, which is an immutable subclass. So I made my own subclass, made the height mutable, and changed it in a loop like so:

- (NSArray *)selectionRectsForRange:(UITextRange *)range
    NSArray *originalSectionRects = [super selectionRectsForRange:range];
    NSMutableArray *newSelectionRects = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithCapacity:originalSectionRects.count];

    // For all the UITextSelectionRects
    for (UITextSelectionRect *selectionRect in originalSectionRects) {
        // Use one with a custom height
        DCTextSelectionRect *newSelectionRect = [[DCTextSelectionRect alloc] initWithTextSelectionRect:selectionRect rectHeight:self.font.lineHeight];
        [newSelectionRects addObject:newSelectionRect];
    return newSelectionRects.copy;

Now the selection rectangles are the right size, but the blue handles used to grow & shrink the selection area are trapped in the top left corner.

handles are trapped in the top left. selection height is correct

Any idea what's causing the handles to be in the wrong place? What can I try to get them in the right place?

  • I've found a completely different solution to this problem, but it uses brute force to recalculate the line fragment rectangles on every text change. If I could figure out what's causing the handles to flee to the top left corner, it would still be a much more efficient (and preferred) solution. – cdownie Oct 20 '13 at 6:28
  • can you attach implementation of DCTextSelectionRect? – greenfrvr Apr 9 '18 at 13:39

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