I have a form that is bound to an entity, but it also has an extra unmapped field: (from the FormType class)

    ->add('serialNumber', 'text', array('mapped' => false, 'required' => false))

I want to pre-populate the serialNumber field from the controller with information taken from the request URL. The closest method I have found would be:

$form->setData(mixed $modelData)

but the API does not specify what form '$modelData' takes and nothing I've tried has had any effect.


Someone on Symfony's IRC channel gave me this answer, and they declined to post it here:



You can use Form Events. For example if you want to set the data from the database to a non mapped field you can use POST_SET_DATA:

class AddNonMappedDataSubscriber implements EventSubscriberInterface
protected $em;

public function __construct(EntityManager $em)
    $this->em = $em;

public static function getSubscribedEvents()
    return array(
        FormEvents::POST_SET_DATA => 'postSetData'

public function postSetData(FormEvent $event){
    $form = $event->getForm();
    $myEntity = $event->getData();

        $serialNumber = $myEntity->getNumber();

You can pre-populate the field in twig (Set default value of Symfony 2 form field in Twig).


{{ form_widget(form.serialNumber, { value : serialNumber }) }}

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    Right, but the default value I want is not static, it requires some logic. I might be able to do it in Twig, but doing it in the controller would make more sense to me. – Nelluk Oct 18 '13 at 11:06

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