I changed the merge tool to Beyond Compare.
I merge a file a.txt in 'test' branch with file a.txt in master branch.
I want to update my a.txt in master branch with changes in a.txt in 'test' branch.

When I input '$git mergetool', it shows the merge tool with the left is LOCAL and the right is REMOTE. When I merge changes in REMOTE to LOCAL, then I save and close BC3, I choose 'y' with the question 'Was the merge sucessful?'.

Everything seems well.
However, when I check the a.txt in the master, it appears the conflict markers with <<<<HEAD. What's wrong with the merge?
I think I merged and saved it before, but why the conflict markers not disappear?


You aren't supposed to modified LOCAL, but only the file shown in the lower part of the Beyond compare diff GUI:


If you don't, the mergetool consider you didn't made any modification to the file, which will keep its conflict markers.

  • So, how can I merge using BC3? I'm working in Win7/Vista. Thanks – lolyoshi Oct 18 '13 at 9:42
  • @lolyoshi By doing your merge in the lower part of the BC3 GUI, as illustrated by the picture. Make sure you configure mergetool as in stackoverflow.com/a/9525491/6309. – VonC Oct 18 '13 at 10:59

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