Based on In MediaWiki, is there a way I can apply [[Image:<name>]] style resizing to external images?

Instead of adding an entry like this in the [[MediaWiki:Common.css]] page on the wiki

.image100px img { width: 100px; }

Would it be possible to change the css line with use of a mediawiki passed variable to set the width to an arbitrary value at runtime?

I now have 10 such lines to have a relative flexibility in external image sizing but would prefer to have something of the kind

.imagewidthpx img { width: {{{1}}}; }

I have no idea how to interact dynamically with common.css or even if this is feasible and I really need to embed external images with resizing.



Something like this might work...

In MediaWiki:Commmon.css add:

.externalimage-holder {
    position: relative;
.externalimage-holder img {
    width: 100%;
    height: auto;

then set up a template Template:Sized-external-image like this:

<div class="externalimage-holder" style="width:{{{1}}}">{{{2}}}</div>

and call it like this:


Unfortunately I can't test it right now as I'm having some difficulties with my local installation.


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