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I have an existing Rails 3.2 application that is basically a simple product catalog. Now I am faced with a situation where I need to only allow interactions with specific products based on the subdomain the user is using to access the site.

The Product model belongs_to a Repository, which has the subdomain as a value.

So that a request to:


only shows products that have a repository with the name bobs_store.

Where is/are the best place/places to introduce this filtering? Is there some kind of default scope I can create at the model level to do this? My only problem with that is that I can't access the request from the model, so does this mean that I have to pass the subdomain in to every call I make to that model?

One other thing, all of the calls to the Product model are made like this:


Is it possible to modify my current_user helper method somehow to get my desired functionality? Barring that, is there something fancy I can do with routes? These are shots in the dark, but I'm hoping there is some Rails shortcut I can use that I'm not aware of.

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As luri G mentioned, watch this Railscast: 221-Subdomains

Create a scope to query products of a repository

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
   belongs_to :repository

   scope :for_repository,
         (lambda do |repository_name|
            merge(Repository.where(name: repository_name))

After you had implemented the subdomain route handling logic as per the Railscasts, in your controller you will call the products for a repository like this:

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The way I've seen it done before is to have a scope on the model, e.g. Product.repository_scope.

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.repository_scope(repository)
    where(repository: repository)

I'm not sure about a good workaround for not having to pass in the current repository every time.

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