I want to start my Backbone router at a specific action sometimes, different than the one that was navigated to. How can I change it so that when I call Backbone.history.start it goes to a specific action/fragment other than the one in the URL?

  pushState: true
  root: "/"

Maybe there's some option, or maybe there's a way for me to change the fragment before making that function call?


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Just pass "silent" option and than call "navigate":

Backbone.history.start({ silent: true });
router.navigate('test', { trigger: true });

In this case hash that was before you called Backbone.history.start will be ignored. Hash will be changed to 'test' and the same route function will be called.


The Backbone.history.navigate will navigate to the route in the first argument, if the second argument is true, it will also trigger the route function.

Backbone.history.navigate('users/sam', true);
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    But what I'm talking about is before Backbone.history is initialized. After it's initialized, it automatically routes to the window.location.hash. I've tried changing it before calling Backbone.history.start but that doesn't do anything.
    – Garrett
    Commented Oct 18, 2013 at 22:14

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