I've set up PHP Storm to use phpcs and show me in the IDE when I've violated a style.

However, I'd like to disable this for view files -- they often contain bits of PHP mixed with HTML that don't match the style guide, and I don't care in a view file.

In the options, I see a list of excluded files in the phpcs settings, but it only has buttons to remove a file or clear the whole list, but no way to ADD files to it.

Am I missing it somewhere?

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Code Sniffer (as well as Mess Detector) integration is implemented in form of an Inspection which can be configured to be ON or OFF based on scope. Therefore:

  1. Settings | Scopes -- create new custom scope and include all unwanted files/folders

  2. Settings | Inspections | PHP | PHP Code Sniffer validation -- right click on it and choose Add Scope

  3. Now configure this inspection: turn OFF (uncheck) for that scope and leave ON for "Everywhere else" entry.

P.S. PhpStorm v8 has Inspections settings screen a bit redesigned; therefore steps are tiny bit different, but still the same overall (now it's easier for user to discover "scopes" functionality).

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This has been tested for PHPStorm 2017.*

  1. Settings/Preferences | Keymap

    find Add to PHPCS ignore list key and add Keyboard Shortcut enter image description here

  2. Go to the file, which one you want to add as ignored and use the shortcut enter image description here

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With PHPStorm 8, you can find the Code Sniffer settings panel in:

Settings | Languages and Frameworks | PHP | Code Sniffer

In this panel, you will find a list of ignored files.

Edit: with PHPStorm 2016.x, this list is read only, you can't add ignore files this way.

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  • There's a list, but how do I add to it? – Jonas Lomholdt Jan 6 '17 at 12:10
  • There's not way for add new ignore folder. – Rohan Warwar Feb 3 '17 at 12:00

Update, as of November, 2019 ... now you can completely ignore files.

Settings > Inspections > PHP > Quality Tools > PHP Code Sniffer


Check files with extensions: Remove unnecessary like js, inc

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You can customise the toolbar to include a button for the "Add to PHPCS ignore list" action.

  1. View > Toolbar to display the toolbar if it's hidden.
  2. Mouse-right on toolbar, then "Customise Menus and Toolbars".
  3. Select "Main Toolbar" and add the action as a button.

Or customise the Editor Tab Popup Menu and add "Add to PHPCS ignore list" there (It'll be hidden for files already on the list).

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