I have a set of data like below:

1      10
2      34
3      30
4       5
5      35
6      45
7      60
8      21

If I wish to find the maximum of the numbers under the A column and also match the row number corresponding to such max. number; I use:


will give me (in the current cell): 7 (max. is 60 corresponding to row 7) Now, I wish to "color code"that number (i.e 60)
when I use "Conditional Formatting" in Excel;

  1. I select A1:A8
  2. I go to "Conditional Formatting" and select"New Rule" and then "Use a Formula to determine which cells to format" and under "Format values where this formula is true" I type in:


and then click on the "Format" button to select my color (say yellow).
However, I find that all the numbers under column A are now color coded (filled) with yellow color where as I only wish number 60 to be yellow. How can I do this?


If you don't need to use formulas in conditional formatting then here is an alternative.

Conditional Formatting | New Rule | Format only top or bottom ranked values and set the value to 1 with Top as the parameter.

enter image description here


Go to:

"Conditional Formatting" --> "New Rule" --> "Format only cells that contain".

Set the rule to "equal to" and type the following formula:


Choose the color yellow on Format... button and click OK.

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