I have a simple CMS I built for a client of mine.

This issue is instead of him posting links probably through anchor tags, he just copies and pastes it straight into the text editor.

Is there a that these links can be wrapped in an anchor tag using JavaScript. So when the page loads instead of it looking link this:


It will look like this

<a href="http://google.com" target="_blank">http://google.com</a>


Stackoverflow actually do this when a user posts a URL to an answer/question (if that helps understand what I am trying to achieve).



You could try something along these lines. Decorate the tags where you want these replacements to take effect with a boolean attribute like 'linkify':

<div linkify>something http://google.com something</div><div linkify>something</div>

Now perform replacements inside any element with linkify set.

                                                           '<a href="$1">$1</a>')); 

There are some caveats. This isn't a great regex at all--it simply matches anything starting with http:// or https:// up until the first whitespace character. Look for a better URL matching regex. Also the use of replace against .html() means that it will break any existing links that happen to fall under your linkify elements! If there happen to be doublequote characters in your textual links it will create broken anchor elements.

You might consider a very simple markup of some sort to identify links--it would be much better than guessing.

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