I have a vBulletin Database with double MD5'd passwords and a salt, would it be possible to take the Password in the vBulletin database, convert them to SHA256, and then store them in a new database? Is there any real easy way to do this?

My main and only reason, is to prevent users from having to create new accounts, and to stop using MD5.

  • Encryption like MD5 SHA256 etc can not be reversed the only thing you can do now is to ask your user to change their passwords or you reset passwords of all your users and email them.. – user2533777 Oct 21 '13 at 5:47
  • Create a new password column in your database where you will store the new hashes. Once a user logs in, use the raw password he/she provided to hash it using sha256. Sooner or later, most of the active users' passwords will be hashed with sha256. – Mark Oct 21 '13 at 6:09

Hashing algorithms are one-way i.e. They cannot be reversed unlike Encryption-Decryption algorithms.

MD5() is a hashing algorithm , so is SHA-1 / SHA-256;

It is good to know that you have stopped using MD5() and moving to SHA-256()

Solution to your problem.

First run a query in your users table like this


Now all your MD5 Hashed passwords will be converted to SHA256 Hashes.

However, you cannot stop using MD5 on your login/register pages.. You have to change your checking logic like

$pass = $_POST['password'];
$hashedpass = hash('sha256',md5($pass)); // Now you need to insert/verify

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