I have created a cpp cocos2d-x project following these steps cocos2d-x wiki:

  1. Install python 2.7
  2. Open a command line window
  3. Go to your cocos2d-x-2.1.5\tools\project-creator folder
  4. Run create_project.py. Usage:

    create_project.py -project YourProjectName -package com.example.PakcageName -language cpp

  5. Your project will be created in cocos2d-x-2.1.5\projects

But now I want to add lua support to exist cpp project.What can I do?

PS.I know there is a way I can create a project using visual studio template before cocos2d-x version 2.1.2. I can easily add lua support to a cpp project. How can I do it easily now?


  1. Right click your solution,add project,add "$(cocos2d-x-home)/scripting/lua/proj.win32/liblua.vcxproj" to your solution.
  2. Right click your project->Property->Genernal Property->add new reference,check liblua. It's OK.

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